Countdown is on...

Only THREE days! That's right... ladies and gents' there are only THREE l..o..n..g.. days until I get to go to Montreal, Quebec and see Sammy-T and the Bernier/Morrice families! (Amongst other wonderful amigos)

What is the reason for this adventure you ask? Well, Thursday will mark the day that four years ago we began to date and start down this road that we are on.
It hasn't been smooth.
But it has been more wonderful than I could ever have imagined.

Here is a memory, of something that seems so distant, and yet so close.
A glimpse into our beginnings that no one really knows.
{cheesy and wonderful as only we could be}

February 3
My dearest Sam,

I still remember that day 4 years ago,
Driving in your car.
We'd been a few places,
Surrounded by faces
and yet all I could see was yours.
We sit in the driveway,
Talking. Holding hands.
Unable to leave you. Unable to let you go.
Kiss you, knowing that I'd miss you the moment I left.
And then you said it, as I had reached for the door.
You looked at me, smiled and asked me to be yours.
I couldn't contain myself!
My heart in my eyes.
Looking at your heart,
Hardly containing my sighs.
My heart smiled that day.
Giving me a glimpse of the love that would be.
Not even a shadow of what Christ has now given me.
But an example, nonetheless,
of what it means to love someone more and make yourself less.
I love you samthrall, my sweet babaloo.
I'm yours as your friend, your love and your boo.
Forever to be true, to God then to you.
Happy to be here. Four years later. Talking to you.

iLoveyou. And I can't say it any other way, or tell you enough.



  1. I don't know if it was because I was cuddled up to my kitten when I read this - but WARM fuzzy feelings are bursting from me since I read this!
    You two are adorable!
    .......... Now my cats licking himself..... Not so cute..... But you guys are! Cheers to your Journey guys! 4 Years is HUGE!!