Who am I and Great are You.

So I thought I would give just a quick update on my life and its happenings.

I have NEVER had a more crazy week in my life.
3 Performances, my lesson (pretty much a performance), 3 assignments (one worth 30%) of my grade, and a midterm.
Goodness gracious.
It's amazing though, how you can feel so over your head and yet so at peace.
It seems that 2 Corinthians 12 is again my verse for the week (maybe its slowly morphing into my life verse) that His grace is sufficient for me, and His power is made perfect in my weakness.
Because, without Him, there is NO way I could do any of this without having a mild heart attack (or another ulcer attack).

On a brighter note, I met some really wonderful people this past weekend at the C4C Summit retreat. A couple of conversations in particular really stand out and I feel like I've made some really great and genuine friendships.
Hurrah for new friends!

A Mr. Sam Thrall is home on Thursday night for the Turkey Day Weekend. It will be just over a month since we last saw each other and I CANNOT WAIT!!
Maybe we'll even have one of those cliche moments where I run and jump into his arms at the train station. *sigh*
It is so hard to be away from each other, but I know that God has plans for us and that this is a season of trial and especially great for growing individually and encouraging one another.

And finally, I am getting baptized in a couple weekends! I am so incredibly excited about this. Nervous? Oui, but excited to take a stand for my faith and publicly acknowledge my relationship and dependance on Jesus Christ.
I am so encouraged while thinking about writing my testimony (to be done next week) and thinking about how much has changed since Christ called me.
Life is still hard, and the trials seem to be almost worse than before I was saved but the fruit of it and the joy I feel is worth so much more than anything I could go through.

So that's my insane update. My brain and life are traveling at a million light years (thank-you astronomy 101 for that reference) a minute and there's almost no time to stop and breathe, but this weekend is thanksgiving and thus I can take a break then and think about all the MANY things I am blessed with and thankful for.

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  1. getting baptized?!
    ah, how I wish I could be there! I adore baptisms, they rock me to my core every time. tears are a GIVEN. sadly we won't be going to l'Ontario til Christmas... Hopefully the video of your "glory story" will be online :)