To love is to be vulnerable.

This summer has been a whirl wind of events, some trials, some blessings...all worthwhile though.
I've learned so much about love. Not just human love, but about God's unquenchable, never-ending love. I've learned to channel the love that He has given me to others, to people who I would have never pictured myself befriending let alone loving.

To love is to be vulnerable.

I have seen this to be true. To love you need to be patient and kind and open to the other person... in order to do this, you have to be willing to get betrayed.
Is it worth it?
100% Yes.

I have both let go of friendships and made new ones. All to the glory of God.
Both scenarios have helped strengthen my relationship with my Lord, my family and my friends.
Letting go is hard, but the rewards of trusting and obeying what God is calling you to do are so much greater.

To love is to rise above.
To love is put others first.
To love is to forgive.
To love is to live for Jesus Christ.
All of this because God is love, and we love because He first loved us.

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