Bye Bye Birdie

For the last six months I have been working with the Clearwater Players on a production of Bye Bye Birdie. Two weeks ago we finally got to put it on stage. Oh how bittersweet it is to be over.

I played Kim MacAfee, a doe eyed bambi 16 year old girl who is determined to grow up faster than the life allows. She is the head of the Conrad Birdie fan club, she just got pinned to her steady "Hugo" and she is bent on having her parents take her seriously as a grown, mature woman.
I learned SO much about life, about myself, about performing, and about relationships.
For those of you who don't know; the Clearwater Players is a theatre group associated with Ontario Pioneer Camp. 100% of proceeds earned are used to award scholarships and bursaries to children who otherwise wouldn't be able to come to camp to go up to the beautiful Muskokas, learn about Jesus, have a lot of fun and make tons of great friends. It was so incredible to be apart of.
As my first musical/stage production ever, it was such a blessing to work with people as talented as those involved. Not only was the cast fantastic, but everyone involved was so dedicated to making it a great production. We had a brilliant director (A Mrs. Kate Stevenson), choreographer (Miss. Ashley Lawniczak), conductor (Miss. Janessa Lafleur) and so many more talented people aboard. It was INCREDIBLE to watch it all come together.
As a cast we really came together as a family, I have made some wonderful friends who I plan on keeping fo-eva! It was so cool to reconnect with people who I had actually gone to camp with either when I was younger or at LIT in 2006.
I feel so blessed to have been able to be apart of it and I CANNOT WAIT to do another one!

Here are a few pictures to give you just a little taste of it!


  1. ah! so wish I could have seen you! and it's such a great cause too... I'll love camp as long as I live!

  2. it was amazing!